Varietats de figues
Fig trees typical of the Catalan countries and of my roof
Figue de Bordeaux, Figue Poire,Negronne,Petite Aubique, Petite Figue Violette, Précoce de Barcelona, Primerenca de Barcelona, Precoç de Barcelona.
Ronde de Bordeaux
Ronde de Bordeaux figs on 17-July.
Ronde de Bordeaux
Ronde de Bordeaux. On 8 October continuing harvesting figs.
Ronde de Bordeaux
A few figs Ronde de Bordeaux.
Harvested on the 25th July.
Ronde de Bordeaux
Leaf and fig fruit of the Precoç de Barcelona..

Autofèrtil (partenocàrpica)
Bifera (Some brevas and abundant figs of summer)
Figs of summer at the beginning of August.
The most early variety.

This fig tree has an abundant literature.
One crop and early variety. Sometimes gives a few figs flowers.
Tree that under good conditions reaches a great development, of fast growth, with a very decorative and uniform foliage. Leaves of medium size, mainly with 5 lobules narrow, characteristic of the variety.
Fruit rounded of black skin without neck.
The stem is another distinctive element of the variety of red color and almost always twisted.
Rather small and slightly open eye. Purplish fine, black skin with a silky pilosity.
Small fig. Weight around of the 30 gr. Almost never not surpass 40 g.
Flesh compact, of light red color, flavorful, sweet.
Very good gustatory quality. Thank your its distinctive characteristic, it’s a variety easy to identify.
It bears well the humidity and rains, the figs without not even to damage the skin.
An outstanding aspect is its resistance to the cold. In a recent try made by a fan in Norway is shown as the best adapted fig trees for in a cold climates
Tree to recommend to enjoy the early figs of better quality than the majority of the brevas figs. It will be necessary to wait that the "Napolitans" arrive to us, "Coll de Dama" or others of similar flavor to overcome its quality. Taking into account, that it is a variety difficult to confuse I believe that the Ronde de Bordeaux is the Précoce of Barcelona.

From Hilgardia.
Described by Starnes and Monroe (1907, with figure), Reboul (1908), and by Grasovsky and Weitz (1932). The origin and identity of this variety have< not been revealed.
The Georgia material tested by Starnes and Monroe was obtained from Nabonnand and Co., Alpes Maritimes, France. In 1928, rooted cuttings of Précoce de Barcelona were introduced by the United States Department of Agriculture from the same nursery, under P.I. No. 69,019.
It has been fruiting at Riverside since 1931; notes taken during the intervening years show the characters given below. Tree fairly vigorous; terminal buds violet-brown. Leaves medium, somewhat glossy, mostly 5-lobed; upper sinuses of medium depth and width, lower sinuses shallow; basal lobes commonly auricled; basal sinus cordate, often narrow; margins coarsely crenate. Breba crop small to fair; figs medium, turbinate, with short, thick neck; stalk up to 1/4 inch long, swollen toward the body of fruit; eye large, open; color purplish black; pulp light strawberry. Season early, figs commonly beginning to ripen two weeks ahead of Franciscana.